Business Image

The image, well used, increases sales and positioning of your company. It has no real cost, but a lot of value. These are some basic tips. Image is everything in business image is crucial, and even more in the SMEs, where owners interact with customers. It does not take a specialist to get an idea of how an individual company to see how she dresses and speaks.

Pay special attention to business cards and stationery. The brand, good design and quality of paper make the difference between scoring and brochure. Scan your own image Walking through the streets, we see people move in different ways and attitudes. With this we can assume what they are doing, how they work and even the hierarchy. “The way they dress, the car handles and used phone, matches your business? I want to say that “suit and tie” does not mean the executive: in particular the tie and the knot is the first aspects we can use to differentiate a manager of a cadet. Try: attention to this detail and notice the difference. Use the mark, always be consistent between what is shown and what is received is very important.

A common mistake of SMEs is not print invoices with your logo: never forget that the brochure goes to a drawer and the card does not know. The bill would refer and are instead forced to save. Always use the same logo, same colors and proportions. Print it costs the same brand but it is better. The image must reflect your company still image without a manual, make sure that colors are appropriate for the type of business and that I would like to reach target. This point we had already tried on, but always better to test or consult with specialists. Project a professional image A professional image is what any serious customer is seeking. Some points to consider are: check the spelling and read documents that are delivered to customers, have a good speech or unify the phrase “Welcome,” project “good energy” with positive and proactive attitude. No image replaces professionalism. There must be. Before the debate: The image must “indicate the item? This is something that professionals-worldwide-long debate and reach conclusions based on the vanguard. This decision can cost you time and money to change where the mark is positioned, but if you have not decided, better consult a professional: each case requires a different response. The corporate image communicates to other companies who we are and what kind of business offer. Remember: It does not take a large firm for a Large Company.