Decals Hospital

Several days ago it has been circulating in the Dominican Republic an email supposedly sent by the Attorney-General’s Office, warning about some alleged decals that they were selling or giving away in schools and colleges in the country, which are supposedly impregnated drug lysergic the acid diethylamide, better known by its acronym in English as LSD, by which we proceeded to investigate in this regard, determining that it is a false warning about the possibility of small children, could absorb harmful substances (LSD), through contact with figures and self-adhesive tattoos. Who have been under investigation since the 1990s this kind of messages, ensure that the date (almost twenty years later) has not been tested that it has existed no cases of children who have received any doses of any type of drug, through stickers or tattoos impregnated with the drug. What’s if there is evidence that in the year 1992, began to circulate through photocopies of a version in English of this kind of messages, in ring role of the hospital of Danbury, in the United States. Credit: Michael Ramlet-2011. UU. A second version of the same, spread in the year 1998.

This version was almost a textual copy of the distributed (in English), and that pretended to be offered by the same hospital, photocopies of a flyer with the title warning to parents. . Precisely in dated 11 June 1998, the hospital realized officially that this warning was false, alerted by the large number of telephone calls and consultations in this regard. Another message that is known with the same text, this time in Spanish, dated in Madrid on April 02, 2001, very similar to each other, supposedly out of Pediatrics Social of the Universitario Nino Jesus Hospital Unit, was released to circulate in Spain, being also distributed by means of photocopies and fax, since the email was not so common,.