Demonic Hierarchy

From ancient times the underworld has been one of the most powerful ancestral sites of these and other world, at first it was known that there is only a demonic hierarchy, unfortunately for us were three hierarchy, but one of them was destroyed by the five warriors, they your ancestors Tiger Martial Guerrero, destroyed the army of the 13 devil along with his hell, behold, I show you what I asked, here is your destination, these are the existing hierarchies. Supremacy of the Satanic Trinity Underworld Emperor Lucifer Asmoday Great King, mighty and powerful Supreme Leader Belzebu Prince infernal empire, founder of the order of the fly. This being is credited with the founding of the second order. Grand Duke Astaroth Lucifuge Prime Minister Major General Santabachia Fleverry Agaliarept General Lieutenant General Captain Sargatanas Head Top 10. Field Marshal Nebiros subordinates Lucifuge 11. Bael First King of the East, governs sixty-six 12 legions of infernal spirits. Agares Grand Duke of the eastern regions of Hell 13. Marban Saranachia subordinates 14.

SLRAP 15. Aqmon 16. Subordinate Babatis Agrliarept 17. Buer 18. Gusoin 19. Flearetty subordinates Botis 20.

Bathim 21. Pursan 22. Sataganars subordinates Abib 23. Loray 24. Valefar 25. Foren subordinates Nebiros 26. Ayperos 27. Neburus 28. Glasyabolus princes and dignitaries. 29. Satan dethroned prince, head of the opposition party. 30. Eurynome Prince of Death, Grand Cross of the Order of the fly. 31. Moloch, Prince of the land of tears, Grand Cross of the Order. 32. Prince of fire Pluto, ruler of the country on fire, Grand Cross of the Order.