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In times of repression, too, there were good laws and judges who are hiding behind the name of the country and the law pretended to judge impartially, objectively and judgments are just Of course, that every man, knowing these facts, reasons – yes, the repression had been, they are condemned in the media, but that changed in the judicial system to prevent an illegal sentences? Are there any guarantee that a judge can not make an illegal sentence? Who asks himself this question, unfortunately, gets him a disappointing response – of course, the judge can send to jail is not guilty, and the reasons this much! The first reason – the illegal decisions of judges are regarded as a mistake. More information is housed here: Connecticut Senator. Is it possible to avoid miscarriages of justice? The question, of course, rhetorical Mistakes happen in every sphere of human activity and completely avoid them, practically impossible! But, as life shows, "mistakes" of the judicial system sometimes turn into horrible tragedies of mass repression In general, whether a judicial decision errors? How very true noticed Deputies of the Russian Duma, the ldpr leader Vladimir , F., speaking on the television program "Vesti", that judicial decisions can not be classified as errors, they should be classified as a crime because the judge sentencing, the judge knows what is the basis sentence – on the evidence or only on assumptions The massive illegal sentences imposed in times of repression – "errors of judges – were abolished, people rehabilitated, but mostly posthumously .