Diets Thought Language

Vigila your thoughts, become words. It watches your words, become action. It watches your actions, they become hbitosVigila your habits, become your carcterVigila your character, becomes your destiny Frank J. – Outlaw (1843 -1915) We know that they are on 58,000 thousand thoughts those that we have daily, that is to say on 40 per minute, more of 90% of them are repeated to us daily, without we have left space in our memory much to be able to store new thoughts. That means, that we cannot hope to change our lives, and to have a different reality, that we at least begin to think of different way. Mrese same you It is being fed healthily and making exercises daily? When it was the last time that you said not to a hamburger with chipses and a refreshment tail? Sometimes it has demonstrated to his children the importance to them of feeding themselves healthfully? They remember learn what they see. He knows somebody to which can serve and help to him, in addition if he knows like doing it? or to inverse, It could refuse to support that one approaches to him and it requests some type to him of aid? Of the book; " A Man – a Trainer – I sound; With permission of author Carlos N. Strap (Coaching) original Author and source of the article