Drawbacks Of Democracy

Independent media, usually fall under the influence of “money purse” to ensure their functioning. This opens up a direct route into the power of the oligarchy. The election is directly linked to amount of money spent on the campaign trail, that automatically denies low-income applicants kakihlibo chance of achieving success in the political struggle. Almost always, not all eligible voters participate in elections, so we have to recognize their legitimacy in the turnout just over half (50% + 1 vote), and in the second round, if it exists, and even less (fourth or fifth an active electoral votes right). Thus, the winner receives support minority population.

AA Shoes, analyzing the parliamentary institutions in the XIX-XX Centuries, wrote: “No more false start, as the worship of the solution majority. Already representation – rather than direct participation of all citizens – contains fiction, it is easy to substitute the will of the people will of its members. Application of the beginning of a majority in the subsequent actions of these representatives often gives the fate of the entire country into the hands of those who represent themselves in neatly organized minority. The country has formed a special class of people, which is cultivated in a medium political intrigues, people idle, with ignoble tradition, people, cut off from productive work and have lost all sense of the highest ideals of serving the good of the state and nation. Increases in this environment primarily one for money: agility possession of up and holding his people through the mechanism of political voting. ” The legitimacy of democratic procedures, the most important – the referendum and elections – can be easily compromised. The point that “the law under which the issue of general well-being solved by the majority opinion, can not rest on the same basis on which it is based welfare, he needs the other, the wider voting, namely in vote of all.