According to the last studies and statistics, the low-COST takes, mainly in the car rental. To contract online and with payment in advance can be until a 13% more cheap than to do it by means of another modality. The first step occurred with the airline companies, soon they were the trains and now little by little also the great companies of car rental and rest of services of trips and tourism. All the companies have settled in the advance of the new technologies and the push of the low-COST. The sector of the companies of car rental tries not to lose that pull with respect to the new channels of sale and thus, many have been forced to review their prices to the loss. Not only by the economic circumstances, also by the existing competition, that in addition bursts in with force in Internet. The simplification and reduction in price that supposes for the Internet users to reserve its services have taken to the companies of rent of vehicles to offer the power to choose it, to contract services extra and to reserve with a single click, without moving of house, in front of the screen of its computer. However, he is recommendable to follow a series of recommendations to rent a car: If it rents a car, it would not have to allow that they acquire a whole day to him by hours of more, but only by the exact time has used that it.

It does not doubt in another case of requesting the complaint book. According to the Union of Consumers this practical one is illegal. A service cannot be received del that does not get ready. It remembers that the law only protects the collection of the service in real time. Nevertheless, the companies say that this form of car rental is something extended in the sector, and even contemplated in contracts, since to invoice per hours it only is, at the moment, a project. Irregular practices like preventing the age are not due either to allow to rent in the 24 years or the necessity to present/display a credit card in advance., one of the companies more known in Spain as far as car rental, contemplates in its services the fulfillment of these recommendations which, next to its excellent prices and great network of offices turn, it into the most reasonable option for the car rental in Spain.