Epicurus Provides Additional Functionality In The Form Of New Modules.

Autumn 2013 doctors can order ‘Recall-Management’ module, module ‘Evaluation’, and the ‘DALE-UV’ module. It has finally come: the opening of your practice has been calibrated, the red tape is cut and you are already working with your patients. Own practice is probably one of the most beautiful moments in the career of a physician. However, on the way to independence, imagine a series of legal and economic issues of importance. One of them is the choice for a suitable practice management software. Do you want a modern and stable application with time – and money saving potential? Epicurus software & IT-service GmbH & co.

KG offers this possibility. The following program versions are available: Epicurus therapy based on: a simple practice management for beginners if you billing need a program just for the KV, then go with the favourable Epicurus-e-therapy basic version: Compact, clear and reduced to the essentials. Account with the KV succeed easily and effortlessly. However, all current Requirements: the program is certified by the KBV nationwide for the online billing and is characterized by modern software architecture, unique operating system independence (WIN, MAC and LINUX) and is single and more capable space. Option Hogrefe test Diagnostics is available. Epicurus therapy PLUS: professional practice management for the psychotherapy your practice software to more can read chip cards and deal with the KV? For psychotherapists, who place value on a professional, modern and at the same time simple practice management, there is no way on the PLUS version passes.

Numerous ready formulated, with own texts and design editable letter templates, an easy to use private accounting, as well as a calendar can be synchronized with your Smartphone, make for fun at work. Epicurus MED therapy: Practice management for medical psychotherapists and psychiatrists medical psychotherapists and psychiatrists have special demands on your practice software. In addition to standard functions such as Cards read and Bill includes the MED version for this reason an optional drug database for writing recipes, as well as a regulation statistics for various evaluations. All relevant medical forms to be added. The program covers all requirements of a modern practice software and at the same time maximum comfort. Epicurus Epicurus software & IT-service GmbH & co. KG is a practical software company and has its headquarters in Berlin. Its software products support and significantly simplify the work in practice. The program now exists in generation IV, regardless of the operating system running Apple, Windows, and Linux. All programs are fully based on Java code, so that it can be used even in heterogeneous system landscapes. In addition to a stable performance, as well as a unique operating system independence, Epicurus is very attractive with the attractive terms for the acquisition and maintenance of the application. Press contact: Iavor Naydenov phone 030-340 601 101 fax 030-340 601 109 eMail: Learn more about programs, program modules, costs and order types, see. We are looking forward to you! Epicurus software & IT-service GmbH & co. KG Helmholtzstrasse 2-9 10587 Berlin phone 030-340 601 100 eMail: