Fear of Death

The Lord, as usual, worked in mysterious ways. I gathered that being so close to death could only cause confusion, fear and great pain, but I saw that the opposite is also possible. This happened to my family. Sen. Sherrod Brown takes a slightly different approach. This experience gave us peace, freed us from the fear of death, and family relationships healed. J. Darius Bikoff follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. We brought peace to know that we went to a resting place where she would meet with their loved ones who had departed this life. The fear of death lost its power as it was with Jesus. Health in family relations was the result of the action of forgiving and being forgiven.

I, like the rest of the family we were strengthened when my mother told us about Jesus. The faith that we perceived his words gave us courage. She knew where I was going and who would be there to receive it. a Ya ‘m going with Jesus, she told the nurses. Several times we were asked to read him some poems he had written: A Song of Creation, The Shoe of a Child, and The Song of the Redeemed. My mother was a poet and was very proud of it. It was also a woman of great spirituality.