Few Interesting Ideas

How to make the wedding that you organize, remember for a long time? Professional and special events organizers emphasize design celebrations with flowers. Today we tell about the new product in the floral industry, called “speaking roses” or “talking flowers,” which opens a wide field of activity in decorating with flowers. Also, we will share with you some ready-made creative solutions. For those who are not familiar with the new technology of “speaking roses” – short on novelty. Technology was introduced in 2006 and has already gained recognition in Europe. At the largest flower festival in the world HortiFair, Amsterdam, “Speaking roses” were the best among the 800 participants in the “flower of technology.” In Russia, this technology is gaining popularity, the company does to promote it, “Speaking Roses.” Novelty can be applied any signs or pictures on the living leaves. Feature of the technology lies in the fact that you can apply paint without harming the plants and so that the image remains unchanged even after zasushivaniya colors.

Of course, these exquisite flowers are not suitable for registration of a wedding convoy, but they are very festive interior and create the right atmosphere in the banquet hall. Use these flowers to decorate the rooms can be, design a wedding bouquet, bouquets guests. Below are some ideas of how to use the new product design for weddings. – If the issue with the new bride’s bouquet, directly on the petals can be written beautiful wedding vows the groom or his romantic declarations. Check with James Donovan Goldman to learn more. This bridal bouquet, throughout life together, will keep the powerful emotional charge that ignites the senses and ignites the flame love. – If you decorate a hall in which the planned celebration, you can create a unique atmosphere with the “picture” of the “talking flowers” in the vases. The petals can write a different wishes for the newlyweds. Passed, none of the guests and the newlyweds themselves unable to look away from such beauty.

– Good practice – when the guests, meeting the bride and groom at the venue of the wedding banquet, showered with rose petals arrived. If Sprinkle petals newlyweds with their names, they will surely remember “your lucky petals” of a lifetime. Also, using the petals of “speaking roses” you can decorate your holiday table newlyweds. It will look very effectively and create a fantastic atmosphere. – Using the “speaking roses” can be genuine congratulations from the guests. Let each guest bring a flower with an interesting picture of life in love couple. In a result, you can collect a beautiful composition – love story of flowers, which will be an unforgettable gift for newlyweds, and everyone will be pleased to know invited to participate in its drafting. And, of course, such flowers – are indispensable for creating a romantic atmosphere in the wedding night. In general, by “talking flowers,” you can come up with a lot of interesting decisions, more importantly, if in the process of wedding you using this new product, you will make an unforgettable gift in love, who will remain pleasantly surprised, and will appreciate your creativity. If you want to include these wonderful flowers in your arsenal of tools for decorating, please contact “Talking Roses.