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It’s invisible but it works. As much basics, is invisible to the eye that is still something of great need, however is so rejected. Often care services Palliative Medicine, often languish and staff give up the task, migrating to other services, to escape the conflict through transgression of the medical, demonstration or alterations. And I think that is because they lack awareness and theory for buy and needless recklessness and pressing demands. The health team is invaded by the action, own and that gives the terminally ill. Not being neutralized through the sublimation, creativity, work projects that stimulate the fraternal ties, become a regression.

The destructive impulse is not exhausted, it becomes a disguised self-harm in a thousand ways, with the disintegration of the working groups first, and conditions of its members later. Experiences, suggestions and reflections. Monitoring a palliative care team, performing groups to reflect on the task, let me make some comments encourage me to encourage the deepening of the topic, trying to get out of empirical and intuitive activity to devote ourselves to the theoretical conceptualization.