Financial Independence

Surely everyone in life has a dream. Have your own country house, expensive car, train your child in a prestigious university and does not think you pay a loan in the next month. But how can all this be achieved if salary is barely enough for essentials? Of course, you can get a second, third and … … work but it is worth thinking about for a long time if you have enough? Three, four, or maybe even less, and then what? And then, at best case, again the same life from paycheck to paycheck. How did all the same to arrange his life in a way that would come into the store, buy what you want, and not something that enough money to go relax on the world's best resorts, and not on five hectare suburban area? There is the notion of "residual income". So, if you are able to secure the most or the remainder, as it is called passive income, and only then be able to realize his dream. What is is and how to achieve this.

It happened, most people are accustomed to the fact that they work a certain number of hours per month and receive for their labor, adequate remuneration, salary. Someone is more someone smaller, but it is definite. If you work seven days a week, received a larger, three days – less. No work, of course get nothing. Such income is called "linear." Residual income is the same cash flow over a long period of time, for once the work performed.