First German Patent Attorney

For several years a patent attorney with engineering education can now again offer its services in Monaco occasionally already English patent attorneys in Monaco as a representative of the Monegasque Patent Office were approved. Now a German patent attorney has received for the first time in the history of Monaco’s permission, to open his Office in Monaco. Monaco – an industrial nation? Monaco is known to many as a developed country.There are actually in Fontveille, a city part, which was forced off the sea a small industrial park. Here barely a tourist lost Fussbalfans, rather, because the soccer stadium in this industrial park borders. Monaco is proud of the fact that in this Industripark environmentally sound is produced. There are also real innovations in Monaco, although also the national patent filings are just moving between 7 and 12 applications per year. This may be, but also because, that just is much practical to register a patent right in English at the European Patent Office.

Dipl-ing. Gunther Schmalz has its Joining global companies now for almost 20 years drafted his Patenantmeldungen in the English language. After about 10 years ago, the last patent attorney with technical training in retirement is gone, inventors had to drive to Nice or further if they wanted to be supervised by a patent attorney with technical studies. The new patent law firm in Monaco Patentanwalt Dipl.-ing. Gunther Schmalz, who could collect in a nearly 25-year industry career at high-tech companies as well as the technical and legal experience supervised both inventor would for their foreign clients brands and registered designs (designs) in Monaco either sign or renew before local as well as foreign patent attorneys. Due to the strong concentration of financially strong investors in Monaco have proven to be the third pillar for the “Cabinet Guenther Schmalz” private investors emerged, an assessment of patented inventions and so-called “due diligence” legal obstacles would minimize their investment. Gunther Schmalz