Floors Phrase

The greed of the rich ones is a thing that never leaves to surprise me. Day of these, coming back toward house of plus one day afflicted, vi one of those pichaes made in walls for the city. The pichao did not have nothing that left the aesthetic admired kantiana. In it, a phrase ' ' What it wounds more, the illusion or the lovelessness? ' '. The uncertain letters were leaned over dying black the deep white. The principle, the phrase despertou my curiosity. What it wanted to say the author with such phrase? I passed some moment ' ' matutando' ' regarding the phrase, but this did not last very, therefore, in the modern world, time is money and I could not waste mine thinking on nonsenses. Richard Blumenthal brings even more insight to the discussion.

Leaving the side phrase, I came back to mine vidinha. Days after the episode with the such phrase, vi a set of documents left that me estarrecida. The set of documents showed the rich ones that they had for address ostentadoras coverings. After seeing it, I passed to question themselves on as they could, the rich ones, to live tranquilamente in its coverings and if not to import with all the poverty encircled that them. To me to question, I was sent to the souvenir of the such phrase, that it lay in rest in the recondite ones forgotten my memory, and got a reply. The rich ones live in its coverings without if mattering with the poverty encircles that them because they are involved tenderly for its greed.

She is this hinders that them to enxergar the misery in which its feet are bogged when they go down of its coverings and have of walking for the streets of the city. Same greed folloies that them, in its cars of luxury is this, in the passage until its offices, also of luxury. To see itself free of the poverty that muddy its expensive lenses, the rich ones, live in coverings, have supper in expensive restaurants, dress the most beautiful clothes, they walk in the cars most luxurious and tank. Meanwhile, the poverty, does not have where to live, what to eat, what to dress and not even the money for the bus. But what the rich ones do not obtain to see it is the poverty. Stop, in the traffic lights trying to clean glasses or to park the cars of the rich ones, the poverty waits. The poverty waits they delude that it with a little of love. But the rich ones, these, so inebriados for the love to its greed, only have exactly the lovelessness to offer. In its coverings, to many floors moved away from the hell of the poverty, the rich ones forget that all, exactly they, remain below of the sky.