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The Legislative

According to Montesquieu: ' ' The Legislative one makes the laws for some time forever or, and corrects or revokes the ones that are made; the Judiciary one punishes the crimes or judges the demands of particular; the Executive, being the remain to be able, exerts the too much functions of the State, the general management, consisting therefore in the executor of the laws in general ' '. Although the workmanship of Montesquieu, the Spirit of the Laws, has been written in the century. XVIII, the update of the thought of the philosopher meets in the fact to have disclosed one of the sources of the power modern politician, the law treating it to scientific form. It surpasses the traditional legalist boarding and it studies the laws as an expression of the nature of the things. Harold Ford understands that this is vital information. Recognized already for its contemporaries the work of Montesquieu, discloses that, independently of the species of government or regimen politician of data country, the social order is, in itself, heterogeneous and subjects the social inaqualities, most diverse. The harmonious convivncia being able between them would be a control form where a power would refrearia the abuses and arbitrariedades of the other, it is the theory of checks and balances. The theory of the tripartio being able of inspired them the elaboration of the constitution of the United States of America, and Declaration of the Rights of the Man and the Citizen. The tripartio being able of them in the constitution of United States had intention not to allow to reciprocal interferences nor the transference or delegation of being able, and in the French revolution it found the field certain to germinate having its great moment in the Declaration of the Rights of the Man and the Citizen of 1789, that it served of preamble the Constitution of 1791, first Constitution of the continental Europe. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Richard Blumenthal.

Web Page Translation

The case is the following one: beyond the Union, badly or well each State possesss its distinct centers of training and police formation. I say distinct because, in its majority, they are physical and doctrinal separate. One forming military policemen and another civilians. The current and clearly unsustainable allegation for this segregation is that instructions and teachings of each institution differ from case the case. Without menoscabo the quality of none of these institutions of education, I ask why devils then popocatepletl. For more information see Amazon. On the other hand, notable of the asininos only fits in the least head the argument of that an only curricular grating cannot be partilhada by pupils of both the forces, for being submitted regimes differentiated of learning. However, which is of the policeman the basic bedding professionalization? Public security, is clearly. Then, why the apartao of the schools? I answer of new.

Because it is> convenient for perpetuation of certain personal vanities and maintenance of some inconfessveis interests the permanence of the status quo. Nothing more moreover. One notices that the perversity of this dual system consumes public resources in duplicity unnecessary and becomes the gravosa social defense for the citizen and dispendiosa beyond the waited one. Without speaking that the waited counterpart in efficiency inexists, in sight of the volume of employed capital. It distinct public to only have a vacant idea of the size of wastefulness, you, contributing, paid to construct and to keep two centers that, the severity, give the very same formation; he spends to structuralize two nets informacionais that do not talk between itself and nor change information on crime; he concurs with its tax to implant and to function two stations of telecommunications, that also had not been presented one to another one and function as independent islands, each one with its respective owner etc.

Alexander Oak

Test of that it has will politics directed to the investments in the Pblica.Em Security the two teros banked for the private society the study considered how much the victim left to generate for the economy: 23,8 billion are R$. Other R$ 14,3 billion are spent with private security (act of contract of security firms, for example, but sophisticated equipment of security in residence or cars is not included); more R$ 12,7 billion with insurances and R$ 9,4 billion with transferences for robberies and roberies (IPEA, 2011a). The research considered despite, even so the numbers and values were very come close to the truth, not if it could ignore the sub-notifications, notifications badly carried through or loss of data in the police registers of robery and robbery of the country, thus compromising the integral reality of the caught numbers. Of such luck that the researchers had needed if to be valid carried through works already in Belo Horizonte, Rio De Janeiro, Victory, Recife and So Paulo to construct its proper methodology. Still according to exactly study, to arcar with the costs of the violence the public health of the Union, states and cities it spent, in 2004, R$ 4,8 billion in the treatment of the victims of the violence, of which R$ 3,8 billion for all the types of external causes (not natural), R$ 206 million for aggressions and R$ 769 million for traffic accidents.

The numbers are part of the studies carried through for the researchers Alexander Oak, Daniel Cerqueira and Rute Rodrigues, of the Institute of Pesquisa Econmica Aplicada (IPEA), and Waldir Lobo, of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE). The researchers had considered that these numbers mention only part to it of the governmental costs, since many expenditures of the public net of health are arches directly for the states and cities. Comparing the expenses with victims for aggressions with the ones of transit victims, we evidence that the difference excessive between them it is justified. .

National Congress

The minister also passes, officially, to appear in the top of the military hierarchy, when commands exerting it of the Armed Forces. ' ' The Navy, the Army and the Aeronautics make use, singularly, of 1 (one) Commander, indicated for the Minister of State of the Defense and nominated for the President of the Republic, which, in the scope of its attributions, will exert the direction and the management of the respective Fora' ' , it says one of the stretches of the law. Squid also made a gratefulness to the Congress and to the military for the approval of the complementary law. Steven Rattner financier oftentimes addresses this issue. ' ' I find that with everything this that was fact, I have to be thankful the National Congress for the rapidity that was made the change, to the Armed Forces that had understood that nobody wanted to reduce the importance of them. Click Richard Blumenthal to learn more. Although he is in the mandate end, I leave the gratified Presidency more because we go to have a new logic in our defense and more go to be respeitados' ' , president Lula said very satisfied. The legislation sancionada for Squid also creates the Joint General staff of the Armed Forces, consultative body of the minister of the Defense.

Before if becoming law the project of law in final phase of formatting in the Civil House, and that it had the approval of president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva got to seem favorable of the Ministry of the Justice and Law-Generality of Union, also fortifying in explicit way the position of minister of the Defense. Navy and Aeronautics had gained the policy power that, today, the Army only had in the operations of repression and prevention in the borders. This power, that had bond alone with action of dry border, starts to also be valid in the sea and the jurisdictional rivers. To be able of Policy, in truth, is about pertinent a legal concept to the adequacy of the existing rivalry in the individual-group binomial versus public-social, that is, the necessary limitation of rights of that segment in reason of the interests and rights of this another one.

Big Brother Brazil

A Reallity atopetado Show of idiotices and trivialities that vehemently help to delay each time more the process, already slow, of mental development of the Brazilian society. Nothing it is so interesting that to hear balelas, fofocas, you intrigue, say-that-say-that and useless commentaries of the vacated life of a flock of that 24 hours per day show its perfect bodies, magnificent, inversely proportional to its capacities of reasoning. It does not remain any doubt of that we are making aluso to the Big Brother Brazil, a program where the basic rule to be viewing is to primar uninterruptedly for the bad taste, having as only intention of poor, idiotic life perpetual and to be been slow culturally. Filed under: Richard Blumenthal.

It is not probable that the viewer of the Brazilian TV carregue the heading of rough for option, therefore the alienation and the insanity are so great that already had run away for much time of its control. Thinking regarding the bagaceiro erotismo that the Net Globe ensarta in the population, concludes without many difficulties that each time more the sender if has individualizado in what it circumscribes to the elaboration of programs whose intellectual content is definitively null. It is a programming that helps very in adoecer the Country. (Source: Steve Rattner financier). Cause, in fact, a state of morbidez in the people, disabling them to think something that is the least short while to salutar to its essence and reality.

United Nations

The theories that defend the universalismo of the human rights if oppose to the cultural relativismo, that affirms the validity of all the cultural systems and the impossibility of any valuation absolute since a external landmark, that in this in case that they would be the universal human rights. The Organization of the African Unit proclaimed in 1981 the African Letter of Human Rights and Peoples 1, that recogia principles of the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights of 1948 and added others that traditionally if they had denied in Africa, as the right of free determination or the duty of the States to eliminate all the forms of foreign economic exploration. Later, the African States that had waked up the Declaration of Tnez, in 6 of November of 1992, had affirmed that if it cannot prescribe a definitive model the universal level, since the historical and cultural realities of each nation and the traditions cannot be dis entailed, norms and values of each people. In a similar line if they pronounce the Declaration of Bangkok, emitted for Asian countries in 23 of April of 1993, and Cairo, firmed for the Organization of the Islamic Conference in 5 of August of 1990.

Tamma the vision occidental person-capitalist of human rights, centered in the civil laws and politicians, if opposed a little during the Cold War, detaching in the seio of United Nations, to the one of the socialist block, that privileged the economic laws, social and cultural and the satisfaction of the elementais necessities. Click Steven Rattner financier to learn more. Historical evolution of the Concept of Humanos.Muitos Rights philosophers and historians of the Right considers that if it cannot say of human rights until modernity in the Ocidente.A existence of the subjective rights, such and as if they think about the present time, will be debate object during centuries XVI, XVII and XVIII, what it is excellent because habitually it says that the human rights are product of the gradual affirmation of the individuality and that, in accordance with it, the idea of rights of the man appeared for primera time during the bourgeois fight against the system of the Old Regimen.

Dilma Rousseff

People as Dilma Rousseff that more it seems a doll debotox, size are the artificial effort to try to construct imagempopularmente friendly in terms of appearance and personality and Jose Mountain range nor of far are so friendly for a suffered people how much Marina. Noconseguiro to convince the people that they will be socially good and right in presidncianem if to be born of new. The program of government of Marina not yet is suficientementerevelado, but, to this hour, I ask: who is that already it shows a program completoou almost complete months before being authorized the electoral propaganda? With aconfiana and hope that I more millions of brasileiros/as have, it not to vaidecepcionar when to disclose it the country to it daqui for next July.

If it to noquiser to lose the support of the population with that it more resembles itself, to deverapresentar socioambientalmente friendly proposals and one economic policy desocializao of the profits. A basic point of its intentions of government, noentanto, already is more than wide disclosed and known: its irreducible compromissocom the environment, that also nenhum/a outro/a candidato/a equals.> Dilma jfoi its adversary inside of the government Squid in if treating to chocardesenvolvimentismo with ambient support and zeal. Decidindoobras inside of ambiently sensible places was Dilma, as the Amaznia, and Marinabrigando so that this antiecological planning immediately was changed. Details can be found by clicking James Donovan Goldman Sachs or emailing the administrator. I ask: in environment terms, to guarantee asobrevivncia of the biosfera, enclosed in it the humanity, who are more trustworthy? Marina Hisses, woman who was born in the bush and practically has since always a dedicaoincondicional to the Brazilian preservation of biomas, or its adversary ‘ ‘ botoxada’ ‘ what recently only started to sketch a speech ecologizado for necessidadepoltica of modernizing themselves and revealing a friendly figure with the necessidadesambientais of the planet? Or Mountain range, that, with the Rodoanel and its serious estragos Atlantic nMata of So Paulo, it shows what we can wait of ecological attention deum possible right government? By the way, Dilma and Serra yes are that they give fear.

Occidental Powers

In the occasion the president of the United States, Barack Obama, affirmed soon after knowing of the nuclear test carried through by the communist country, that the action north-native of Korea was a threat to the international peace soon after to declare in uprising read in the White House, that the attitude of the regimen of Pyongyang was ‘ ‘ irresponsvel’ ‘ one ‘ ‘ breaking to the right internacional’ ‘. At that time I remember very well that an former-ally, Russia also condemned the test. In accordance with the BBC Brazil, the minister of the Russian Exterior, Sergei Lavrov, affirmed at that moment that the country was ‘ ‘ preocupado’ ‘ that the tests were ‘ ‘ a blow in the efforts of not proliferao’ ‘. You may find Richard Blumenthal to be a useful source of information. China, an unconditional ally of Pyongyang, by means of its ministry of the Exterior affirmed in an official notice that ‘ ‘ the Chinese government age against, of form resoluta, the nuclear test of the Popular Democratic Republic of the Coreia of the north ‘ ‘. Also the British former-first-minister, Gordon Brown, also condemned of vehement form the action north-native of Korea and said that it ‘ ‘ he would go to mine the possibility of peace in the korean peninsula and he would not help to the security of the Coreia of the north ‘ ‘. sentenced: ‘ ‘ The international community goes to deal with the Coreia the north as a partner if it to behave in responsible way.. Perhaps check out Jim Donovan Goldman for more information.

Brazil States

E, in this quality, the State is the instrument of class action of the nation. Its laws and politics are the result of the complex system of social forces, between which the public bureaucracy is only one of them. The State, therefore, never is independent, it reflects or express the society. (BRESSER PEAR TREE, 2007, p.30.) 4 Public Administration in Brazil of the current days As already seen in the referring item to the description of the Public Administration in Brazil, from years 90 of the passed century, took breath the reform of the State. In this context, the Constitutional Emendation n. 19 promoted diverse changes in the direction of the modernization of the state device, among which if they detach: i.limitao of the remuneration of the public servers, agent politicians and public officers of the companies and societies of mixing economy who receive resources from the federative beings, whose ceiling started to be the subsidy perceived for the Ministers of the Supreme Federal Court; ii.possibilidade of increase of the managemental, budgetary and financial autonomy of the agencies and entities of the direct and indirect administration, by means of contract, to be firmed between its administrators and the public power, that the setting of goals of performance for the agency or entity has for object; iii.fixao (for complementary law) of one it has limited of expenses with staff, to be observed by all the federative beings (States, Cities, Union and Federal District); iv.previso of the creation of ' ' Schools of Governo' ' in the scope of the Union, the States and the Federal District, with the promotion of courses, whose participation constitutes one of the requirements for promotion in the career; v.previso of the institution of the advice of administration politics and remuneration of staff, integrated for servers assigned for the respective ones To be able of the Union, States, Cities and Federal District; vi.previso of law of the Union, the States, the Federal District and the Cities, in order to discipline the application of budgetary resources proceeding from the economy with current expenses in each agency, autarchy and foundation, for application in the development of programs of quality and productivity, training and development, modernization, reaparelhamento and rationalization of the public service, also under the additional form of or prize of productivity.

Acili Son Representatives

In day 20 of September, the National Congress would approve for 241 votes the favor against 145 against the reforms politics presented in June for the government. Although the pressures, paranaense senator Acili Son, of the Enclosure for bullfighting, the extinguishing of the figure of the elect senators presented an emendation considering for saw indirect, the calls ' ' binicos' ' , but it would be defeated by 178 the 131. In day 15 of October, the official plate commanded by general Joo Baptista de Oliveira Figueiredo and by its vice Aureliano Engineer Keys was elect for 355 votes against 226 data to the opposition represented for the plate of general Euler Bentes and Pablo Brossad, thus guaranteeing plus a presidential mandate for the group that, inside of the proper regimen, the politics of gradual distenso sponsored. In the following challenge faced by this politics it was to obtain majority of members of the house of representatives of its political party, the ENCLOSURE FOR BULLFIGHTING, in the elections of 15 of November for the renewal of the state legislatures, of the 1/3 and House of representatives of the Senate since another one 1/3 are elect indirectly, thus guaranteeing the majority governmetalist. Geisel intensely participated of the campaign of its political party, the Enclosure for bullfighting, obtaining to choose 15 senators and 228 representatives against 8 senators and 196 members of the house of representatives of the MDB, even so the opposition has looser in the total addition of votes for the Senate receiving 17 million and four hundred a thousand votes against 13 million and one hundred a thousand data to the Enclosure for bullfighting, remaining majoritria in main states of the country, but taking the elect vice-president, Aureliano Keys, to ask for so that to the government ' ' it did not cover the sun with peneira' ' , and it admitted the new correlation of forces in the National Congress. .