Health Problems

It is important not to succumb on begging, because such concessions lead to health problems of cats (this is ibc, and disrupt the digestive tract and many others). If you really want to pamper your cat, you can offer her cat treats. Now zoorynke You can find a wide selection of different treats for cats: it's meatballs, delicacies for the promotion of pet treats for hair removal for cleaning teeth, vitamin-mineral complexes. We strongly advise you to buy only well-established brand, only in packs and never on the weight. These brands include, for example, Delipet. In delicacy trademark Delipet not less than 73% of natural meat. Ration, which was built on nutrition and goodies Delipet, not only will enjoy fluffy gurmanke, but will take care of the cat's health every day.

This will help Scottish salmon oil (source of omega-3 and 6), cranberries for urinary health ways and taurine, which promotes the visual, neurological and cardiac systems. Cats, for the most part, like beef and lamb, but will not give up, and from rabbits and birds. Given their preferences, careful owners can choose from delicacies trademark TiTBiT (Russia), which are not only delicious but also contain useful cat vitamins and mineral supplements, as well as care for the animal's mouth. The company "H. von Gimborn GmbH (Treats for cats company gimpet (Germany)) is a specialist with more than three decades of experience in the field of animal nutrition, is constantly improving its product range, introducing new concepts and technologies. Who does not like her to answer all questions and concerns, to anticipate all the desires of your favorite cats make them a "gift", which not only fully consistent with their physiological and biological needs, but from which they receive either an incomparable pleasure. Cats also need a special vitamin and mineral support, as well as their masters. This is important for immunity, the normalization of the organs and systems (Cardiovascular, nervous, etc.) to maintain a high level of energy, as well as preventing vitamin deficiency, improve the appearance of skin and coat. For this purpose, and developed special vitominno-mineral complexes for cats and kittens. First, a comprehensive approach to the health of your pet as well as fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in their composition are combined in certain proportions. Secondly, we can choose a complex, which will provide the desired therapeutic and preventive treatment, for example, during the period of active growth of the kittens, to strengthen and cleanse the teeth, etc.