History, Sport and Identity

The objective of this text is to make a rocking of the contents presented during the special topic on history, sort and subjectivity. In this rocking, to analyze so that it serves this content, inside of the academy and for our lives, sage of whom many of us we were affected/contaminated () by the texts and its authors () and touched () for the perceptora sensitivity of the differences and the challenge to coexist them. BOARDED QUESTIONS: During this semester we could, inside of this disciplines, to approach and to argue some questions, such as: sort, subjectivity, identity, nomadismo, aesthetic, writing, etc., several () authors (you are) as Rosi Braidotti, Navarrese Tnia, Valria Fernandes Da Silva, Joan Scott, Bernardete Maria Branches Flowers, Gilles Deleuze, Michel Foucault, Durval Muniz among others /os have searched to articulate a type of thought that more tries not to enter in old practical the dominant ones that they try to hierarquizar the difference in relation to an identity. From there the sprouting of historians feminists, with a new to look at, elaborating a new theory, that is, a new perspective, one another boarding on the sort questions that it searchs to desconstruir the image of a universal citizen. Destroying the identities that fix and determine the places that must occupy each citizen. Navarrese Tnia Swain argues the constructions made for cronista and travellers regarding the figure of the woman, constructions that are impregnated in the historiografia of form that establishes a hierarchy of the masculine sort and that it results in the domination of the woman, in this in case that the author looks for to demonstrate that the speeches (representations) produced by the Europeans in century XVI and reproduced, without being historicizados, for respected and famous Brazilian historians in century XX? XXI..