Instant Messenger

In an environment with increasingly more unemployment and a difficult economic climate, born, a professional online community, who attend and charged in real time over any Instant Messenger system, becoming a new method of part-time employment for experts, liberal professionals, or freelancers, and a source of help and advice immediate for any user. Through any expert can market their services and monetize their knowledge in any area helping users who need that expertise. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ohio Senator. offers these professionals the tools to professionalize and monetize their work at the same time that offers users a catalogue of thousands of experts in all kinds of materials available online to solve any doubt among professionals who already sold its consulting services through are experts in matters legal, taxation, psychologycomputer science, machinery technicians, particular classes of languages or mathematics, although the platform supports any kind of freelance or self-employed, and employees and business partners. The figure of the consultant or independent expert that telecommuting is becoming increasingly common in companies, and increasingly will be also for individuals. This way of working is more competitive and cheaper for the customer, while allowing greater competition and a professional output, income and clients from around the world to experts in popular subjects such as legal advice, Attorney, translators, psychologists or technicians of various sectors highlights Felipe Raga driving the project company CEO. Income and markets extras for freelance, self-employed and companies.

Additionally, many professionals or freelancers can use this platform to increase revenues and expand its markets outside their geographic environment, via the Internet. Although focused on self-employed and liberal professions, also offers the service to companies that can use this channel to cater to their users or as customer care online. The cost of the services of these advisers ranges between 12 and 120 euros the hour, while the tariff set by the professional himself. Customers, who thus have access anywhere, anytime to hundreds of professionals from your computer just paying by the time of inquiry and no need to be moved to the professional offices for help and answers.