International Relations

I am a student of 5 year degree in International Relations St. Petersburg State University. The main objective of this diary – the struggle for justice in dealing with housing issues, when one side supports the Administration, on the other – the usual physical face. About how, in most cases the individual is powerless before the power of the state apparatus, which, ultimately, at the trials man evicted from his legitimate housing. I faced this problem. I try to select a room Housing Agency of the Central District of St.

Petersburg. The situation is as follows. My great-grandfather to register me into his room in a communal apartment. Room is not privatized. He lived alone. There is power of attorney from him for registration and privatization of the room. You have notarized consent from him on the universe. 5 months later my grandfather died and then began performing neighbors in the communal (stand in line for improvement).

They give me the district court with the wording " right to use the living room," referring to the fact that I had to share facilities, etc. The district court rejected their claim, recognizing their improper claimants. They filed a cassation. City Court rejected her as well. After some time, the district court files suit housing agency with the same wording "nepriobretshey right" to do with a third party in the act the same neighbors. After the first hearing my lawyer said that judging from the behavior of judges is likely to court I will lose. So I have to go back to the apartment 64 m2 total area of six people, and neighbors would go 121 m2 apartment four. It should be noted that the Head of Administration was composed of the revocation action of the Housing Agency (HA), but the court ignored this statement. The fact that representatives of the ha said that they agreed with Administration, and that they separate independent body, timeless Administration. It is evident that it is impure and suspicion. And this case is not unique. Many people now find themselves on the street because of the arbitrariness government officials. You can not leave it all with impunity – the cases should receive publicity. Because, as the saying goes: 'It is with our acquiescence committed the most horrible things on earth. "