Jose Alfredo Jimenez

Mid (A future for Mexico) Nino Gallegos a In mid-December is the middle of the Administration of Felipe Calderon, the song is like December to me like you went to Jose Alfredo Jimenez, and nothing one wanted to leave has been or will be, because it is our carstensiana permissiveness and incompetent counsel in mid-week. I reread The Chaos (against terror), Pier Paolo Pasolini, and I encounter with a quote in another reading underlined with a blue marker pen and red.

The intellectual is situated where the cultural industry: why and as the market will quierea . And the quote is part of a feature that Pasolini wrote and got published on his collaborations with the weekly newspaper, Tempo, 13 August 1968 a difficult year for critical and rebellious students Pier Paolo and Italian, French, Americans and Mexicans. The quote, after 41 years of being written and published and having read it in 1981, have spent 28 years and its ideological and political content in relation to the current intellectual, remains valid and the slogan connotes criticism itself. As for Pier Paolo Pasolini was at the time the nascent cultural industry with its now-ubiquitous consumerism that is the wonder of numbing down and the popularization of critical thinking as a single thought as the mainstream running from the top to bottom of the human condition, we took twenty-first century as a bewildered herd, uncertainties, most exposed to the chaos and order factual media. a In the political essay, not a program and another one agenda, a Oeun future Mexicoa , of non-organic intellectuals and intellectuals themselves GM, Hector Aguilar Camin and Jorge Castaneda, who either do like the dynamic duo The menage a trons with Enrique Krauze, recommend recipes and guide to bold and interested then what the kitchen is the kitchen of liberalization, not as economic, for future economic policy, and that a full quartet, Roger Bartra, calls to demolish the Revolution along with the monument.