Departmental Comptroller

To conclude this issue of transparency touch the issue of liquor. Everyone knows that 31 year before last December won the award and the date of today there is no definitions about the liquor monopoly, much less so now 13 months after the contract has been settled earlier. Is this a game "Cunning" between contractor and Government to facilitate this multi-million dollar lawsuit against the Department of Huila? Do you continue with the same voucher scheme? Will there be new concessionaire or will be awarded at the same that was until last year and who was a major funder of the campaign Pajarito Governor? Will resume production and marketing directly by the Department? Nobody knows today. In the words of the Departmental Comptroller is very serious what is happening today in this very serious issue and also the fact that they come to the same company Licors to make a new contract production of 600,000 units "with a series of irregularities." I am running a right to petition the governor to have information on all these points, but I agree with the Controller to be explained very well the recruitment of 600,000 units. Licors Why? What was the contractor selection process for this? Who did and how he became the marketing of those units and based on what contract? What was the process of selecting the contractor for the marketing of those 600,000 units? "Based on what studies are made all the hiring? Licors "plant used for this Department? How Licors paid for the lease of the plant in their power since the end of the grant? If no lease, "in which capacity the company has taken possession of the assets of the department? The answers to these questions are necessary not only to control agencies but the entire public opinion of Huila. Finally I come to one of the themes of fashion: The Quimbo. It is common knowledge that the governor lacked much leadership throughout the process and now that we are at the peak of the final negotiations. It is very important for all our Huila governor takes a position more in line with the interests of the Department in order to achieve compensation fair to the Huila.

You can achieve far beyond the issues raised by Emgesa, Governor. You can make the financing of irrigation projects of 8,000 hectares. You can achieve differential pricing of energy to the producing areas of the country. You can achieve a share of interesting proportions, either in Emgesa or Bogota Power Company owns 51% of Emgesa. You can obtain the repeal of the declaration of public utility in the area to make the cadastral reavaluos sufficient to achieve justice in the values Emgesa must turn to one-time funds established by the affected municipalities for investments in the respective socio-economic study (Article 5 of Law 56), you can set a term to achieve the maximum holding of 50 years and the reversal of all the Department. You can achieve much more if our ruler was more forceful leadership. After all this, would end by saying that if I were asked a rating the first year of the Government of Pajarito Sanchez, no doubt would put a 2.0, which is not serious if we consider that in Colombia now no one can lose a year! '.