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Modern practical knowledge for the modern pharmacy by the articulation of Jansen Academy articulation Jansen, the Agency for training and consulting in the pharmaceutical area presents their enlarged seminar centre in Erkrath near Dusseldorf. The seminar and consulting program can be expanded significantly. Pharmacies are facing high challenges. Declining margins, pharmacy chains and the Internet make it difficult the day-to-day and tarnish the glimpse into the future. But more and more pharmacies to intensify their unique selling propositions and customer loyalty, manages much higher revenue of new sales channels.

However, a high level of expertise and knowledge to the customer are necessary. Articulation Jansen offers exactly this expertise in their seminars and consultations. In addition to competent product trainings for well-known pharmaceutical companies the Agency offers a wide range of open seminars and coaching pharmacists and pharmaceutical professionals for years. Thus it supports them in their practical working life through a modern and practical Methodology. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs has compatible beliefs. The acquired Know-How is directly implemented in everyday pharmacy.

With the expansion of the seminar centre in Erkrath, the Agency significantly enriched the seminar market for pharmacists. And in the middle of Germany. “We offer our customers also consulting in marketing in the dismounted, located idyllically situated on the Dussel seminar centre in addition to practice-oriented seminars”, so Robert Jansen, Managing Director of articulation Jansen GmbH & co. KG. “Our trainers and consultants are a team specialized in pharmacies of literacy trainers from the clinical area of Dermatology, psychology and behavioral science. Make-up artists, hairdresser actors and dressers are recruited aware free, because each competency should contribute in areas of active, in the pharmacy of the future of a future full of challenges and success.” The seminar program of the Academy of articulation Jansen covers the areas of sales and communication, and leadership, as well as Dermatology and Maquillage. Thus, the Agency meets the needs of current knowledge in customer communications, the Sales promotion, personnel management, as well as the expertise in dermatology and decorative cosmetics. Pharmacies get answers to questions such as: what actions are appropriate for a targeted increase in revenues? How do our advertising work? How talk to certain target groups effectively? How can we improve our expert advice for skin problems?” Specifically, the latest offer is composed of the seminars: communication psychology, Neuromarketing, emotional selling, cross selling, style & image, pharmacy marketing, online marketing, action planning, decoration, team management, employee interviews, Dermatology and Maquillage. Psychologically sound methodology and experience-oriented concept under the motto “We get under the skin” experience pharmacist, PTA and PKA the respective topics and receive many valuable ideas and inspiration from the seminars. Interested will find the new program for 2012 and many more information also see. Make it to win more customers and revenue and covetous and to be distinctive. We support and accompany with professionalism and knowledge of the customer.