Manoela Maria Rock

Art. 19, in turn, establish: Art. 19. All child or adolescent has educated right to be created and in the seio of its family and, bonanza, in substitute family, assured the familiar and communitarian convivncia, in free environment of the presence of dependent narcotic substance people. According to Manoela Maria Rock, the family is indispensable to assure the protection, the development and the survival of the children. The family, in its etimolgica meaning, means the group of people effectively citizens to the power of the paterfamilias, deriving of the Roman law. This implies to say that the familiar power, to the time, was exerted with absolute exclusiveness for the figure of the older masculine sex.

The family as this model would be the set of the people and good that would constitute its property and on it could make use as it understood well. From there if it originated, then, the native denomination to be able. The teacher Manoela Maria Rock registers that: Pater families could make use of the life of the children, vender them, abandon them and puniz them. How much to the wife, to pater families exerted manus, or maritalis potestas, that were analogous to the native land potestas, not allowing to the woman no power on its children, time that would be on the guardianship of its children men when of the death of its husband. The native denomination Roman to be able was adopted by the Code of Civilian of 1916, that it dealt with the subject with its abrandamentos, but still with discriminatory vision, time that to the mother was not given to it to act in equality of rights in the education, cares and choices. The emancipation of the children fit to the father, commands it of the conjugal society and the authorization for the marriage, amongst others. To the time, it invigorated most traditional of the models, of the marriage family.