IBGE Residues

The space clipping of the research corresponds the city of Gois-Go, whose population esteem in 2005 was of 26.705 inhabitants in accordance with the IBGE, for being a city where not yet it has a correct treatment to the residues what it causes ambient and social impacts the region. In this direction, the secular clipping is understood to the year of 2008 in which if it evidences the lack of implantation of I fill with earth local bathroom. The correct implantation of treatment of solid residues allows to the ambient valuation of the place propitiating the respect to the nature and the social and ambient conscience. The Brazilian ambient legislation is each more rigid time, the new requirements requires great investments on the part of the city halls in the destination and treatment of the solid residues, mainly of the call domiciliary garbage. Such fact can be exemplificado with the edition of Law 11445/078 that it establishes national lines of direction for basic sanitation; it modifies the Laws in the 6,766, of 19 of December of 1979, 8,036, of 11 of May of 1990, 8,666, of 21 of June of 1993, 8,987, of 13 of February of 1995; it revokes the Law in the 6,528, of 11 of May of 1978 demanding the implantation of I fill with earth bathroom in all the Brazilian cities. The increase of the demand, in special the consumption of the industrialized products, extended of direct form the ambient problems, especially with the collection and destination of the garbage. Many cities, in specific case the ones that are regions of source or of agricultural base, nor always have resources and enough free areas for the construction of one I fill with earth bathroom, as it determines the legislation. With this the necessity to argue the different types of treatment of the residues, through scientific works that the agreement in easy and direct way makes possible the population and to excessively interested by the subject.