Milton Friedman

This philosophical concept is at the basis of classical economics, laid the basis for further discussion in which the market was not defined as an area without ethics, but as the instance that occurred while certain conditions information and competition, had no negative connotation but allow interest-aunt translated as selfish individualists-made-in interest groups and thus altruistic. Later intellectual reflection was aimed at discussing the mechanisms by which benefits are unequally redistributed market through the development of the concept of added value brought by Marx, for the alteration of the assumptions of competence and information on markets , ie for the imperfection in the functioning of the free and efficient market. The process of cartelization, the existence of monopolies, the absence of freely accessible information for to-two, handling advertising and information and the actions of the-graph is supporting special interests were the re-bending and most significant advances to relativize or criticize the classical analysis of the positive relationship between ethics and market . In recent times one has been prosecuted broad reflection on the lack of ethics in the public sphere, the global. Together with the processes of democratization that led to the government have been based increasingly on electoral legitimacy, which are a reflection-based on strong empirical data, on the arbitrary management of public resources by the state as allocator agent goods and services in the community. One of the debates was aimed at the problems arising from the existence of a decision on the allocation of resources and power rested on the subjectivity of the acts of men.

Under this approach, it contains elements of ethics while any person to express all the interests of society, but it will always be stripped in their choices, their subjectiveness, their information and their own interests. This reflection has been introduced primarily by Milton Friedman along the usual lines of Von Hayek. But according to the ethics we need to live in such a system, it should be emphasized that the mere fact of living in each society imposes a certain line of conduct towards others and us who we play in a profession, we must legislate principles to protect the fundamentals that make up the doctrine of the individual, the man ignored the progress that has no cell phone or PC Note Book, and perhaps never come to them, but who loves and needs of the bonanzas of life as much as us. The only aim of all science, all philosophy should be to relieve exposed the misery of human existence. If scientists, if humans are left frightened by the self-crats and merely accumulate knowledge for Likewise, the science will become an upstart invalidation and new engineering-tions only serve to produce new calamities. Perhaps, over time, will come to discover all there is to uncover, but that progress, if stripped of its social ingredients only alienate more and more of humanity.

And the gap between it and them, scientists and politicians, can become so deep that when scream of happiness to a new discovery, the echo will return a universal cry of panic. This should be the beginning of ethics, morality that will lead to the restoration of the common man as the center of all human doctrines, which take precedence over the social components of this century. Only then there will be tomorrow, a new dawn.