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Hello, is there anyone at home? He asked when he arrived in the dining room.To hear him, the blind man left his hiding place and hit such again in the back that the hunchback was straight suddenly. my hump gone! exclaimed crying with joy. My back is straight thank you, thank you!!The two friends had tried to do harm to the other; but all that had been achieved was do yourself a favor each other. The blind man had recovered the view and the hunchback had lost the hump.That same morning, the two friends sinceraran explaining all his feelings. Be asked for forgiveness a thousand times promising that never again would attempt to do harm, and so it was as the blind man and the hunchback continued to live together in that House until the end of their days. But most importantly they got is that their friendship was stronger every day the intention of being a DISCIPLE on one occasion, a man of great erudition, he was to visit an old man that estabaconsiderado as a Sage. He had the intention to declare disciple and learn from their knowledge. When he arrived in his presence, said its claims but could not avoid leaving evidence of their status as scholar, reviewing and sentenced on any topic the less occasion who had opportunity.

At a time of the visit, the wise man invited him to take a cup of tea. The scholar accepted, taking advantage to make a short speech on the benefits of tea, its different classes, methods of cultivation and production. When the steaming Kettle came to the table, the Sage began serving tea on the cup of his guest. Immediately, the Cup began to overflow, but Sage continued pouring tea impassive, spilling already on the ground.-elliquido what you do foolish? -cried the Scholar-. Don’t you see that the Cup already it is full? – illustrated this situation – replied the Sage-. You, like the Cup, are already full of your own beliefs and opinions. What you you would be that I would teach you nothing? Original author and source of the article.