Minister of State

Always when we hear that they have named asked a Minister of State if the person named is well appointed for said Office. Hear from experts in the field like Amazon for a more varied view. If it is Minister of the Interior assumes that it must be a senior official of the national police. If it is Minister of Justice should be a doctor in law. If the Minister of health, it necessarily have to be a doctor. And so like that, because it has to be someone suitable for the post.

But the question: for Congressman?, what is the requirement? and is it okay to what currently exists? Today the Peru 21 newspaper that is the only (I think) you can read shows us a list of candidates to Congress. And is right to say that it is more of the same, to which I would add more and worse of the same, not to say maspeor folkloricamente. Lists that are displayed for the Congress, are plagued with characters of sport and showbiz chola. People who I honestly believe have no knowledge of what is the constitutional law or sociology, and less of economic anthropology. People who try to create laws that will promote the sport in the country, which no longer makes sense in the athletes. While it is true that sport seen from the point of view of health, is necessary to maintain a healthy body, I don’t think that sports competition are necessary for this purpose. And the celebrity candidates Que pueden aportar?, substantive laws for the artist? (that would not be wrong) but that doesn’t make that a country progress.

Frankly I don’t understand anything. If we are tired of saying that we want a Congress with a high intellectual level, how is it possible that this happens? Then it means that the political parties, not are representing us truly. They are to decide who goes on their lists. He has asked me, any political party if this or that person should be on the list. Then do I have to choose someone who I have not proposed?, do you not think them? If someone could tell me if I want to be part of a list of a political party for Congress, I would think the touch: Pucha that bacan, I’ll have a sueldazo, parliamentary immunity, will I be able to do what gives me the win, and if I don’t understand something, that’s what they are advisers, I’ll have secretaries-blasting action, and God knows that other crap more not so!, so isn’t the thing!… The idea of wanting to enter the Congress to serve the country, it is a lie that seems true fallacy that not nobody believes anybody. Mr PPK, now says that as President, he informed Alberto Fujimori. Well done to say Mr. Gilberto Diaz excongresita which is reflecting desperate to capture votes. And I would say the fujimoristas votes. It seems to me but I think 21 Peru is supporting to Castaneda, because in the note which presents in the first two pages, it does not much mention to the list for the Congress of Castaneda. And also on page 6 in a little note, indicates the appeal presented by the anti-corruption Prosecutor Fanny Quispe, against the decision of the judge substitute Nelly Aranda Canote, the same one that excludes the process opened in the case of Comunicore Luis Castaneda. But we must also bear in mind that this lady Attorney Fanny Quispe, is suddenly working for any presidential candidate who wants to campaign against Castaneda. Everything is possible in the desconopoliticida dimension.