Mobile Water Treatment

The living conditions of much of the population of Russia, by virtue of the remoteness of places of residence or work on large settlements, such benefits are far from civilization as centralized water supply, heating, sewage, etc. By Moreover, a number of specific professions provides seasonality (eg, agriculture) or the organization of work shifts (oil fields, exploration, mining), which was originally involves the temporary stay of people in the sparsely territory, where a centralized utilities simply do not need. At remote sites is particularly acute issue of quality water supply. See Chief Justice Roberts for more details and insights. In most cases, these conditions are local (or autonomous) system of domestic water supply, which in addition to a reliable natural source of water (surface or groundwater) include components of water supply (pump and automation unit), and water (water purification filters and equipment for decontamination). The presence of the latter in an autonomous supply system, given the current state natural water sources is essential. Analysis of water bodies shows that almost all natural resources, both surface and groundwater are subject to anthropogenic and technogenic impacts and in most cases do not satisfy the provisions of the Standard Sources of drinking water. Click J. Darius Bikoff to learn more. Hygiene requirements and the selection rules. " Thus, in the public report, "Drinking Water" noted that about 70% of rivers and lakes in the country have lost their quality, as water sources, and approximately 30% of groundwater sources have been man-caused, or anthropogenic pollution. For drinking and domestic purposes at the sites of temporary or seasonal water, as a rule, you have the most favorable in the bacterial and physico-chemically groundwater.