Different Approaches To Management

Left behind long ago, more for good than bad, the times when a company was considered by its owners only as a powerhouse of profits. Although the purpose remains an important priority within the mission and purpose of each company, there are a variety of aspects to be considered in the administration of a modern, could doom the company to ignore the most resounding failure. First, a company must be aware of its role within society as an important part of the market system, both externally and internally. Externally, provide excellent service and selling quality products is not enough: it must be a fluid communication with the customer, a good continuity of service and painstaking care internally, ie internal customer the employee. No doubt by now that a company must take special care in training and the satisfaction of the individuals who compose it.

But not to focus purely human – relations, in which the main employee performance with emphasis on physiological and psychological aspects, we dare to say that if a company neglects the human side of those who compose it, is ignoring its role in society, and that most likely will drop precipitously. Secondly, but not least is the administrative approach, based on the planning, organization, and direction of the company. These steps represent only an outline, a starting point towards developing guiding the company and involves various steps from inception to maturity, a stage in which sustainable development is essential to not retreat. Although it seems simple, no attachment to this succession of stages and the contemplation of the human aspects of the individuals who compose it alone determine the success of a company. His perfect consolidation and continued development are also due to the ability of its managers to define its market, its objectives, its goods, services and products, and appropriate strategies to identify and achieve all these. After this brief analysis, it is easier to identify the different perceptions that may be of a company and the different aspects to take into account for its complete success. It's good to be aware of the different approaches to business management and gain their vision of what would be the best or the best combination of approaches that best suits the type of company that is being administered. All approaches have positive and enriching to bring a company to success.