Here it is that vc are called by a doctor, I believe I, with BRABA face, a mixture of mother when she sees its bulletin of 7 series, and monitorial of nun school. You seat, and it initiates ones 300 questions, excellent, type thus: qtos partners vc had in the last year? vc it smokes? It drinks? it uses drug? it never used or only it does not use now? it has venereal disease? already it had contact with that it had venereal disease (as if the face it was to say n to me) makes use of syringes? it has diabetes? was p some place that has malaria? is as if everything that vc answered was missed, therefore it does not sketch no reaction, ok finished ufffaaaa! then it asks for that vc go until a BALLOT BOX, same ballot box, felt me voting, teclinha green and red, EXPENSIVE in the good one I had will to kill it, there the questions are simply all that it makes, and vc must press green, if the reply it will be yes, and red will be not ….. (& %$#$@@$* ())) without commentaries! Finally they call p to donate, vc to you more or less enters in the room, with many chairs type div, n, but they make of all p vc to be the will, have that to leave belongings in the guard volumes, them they ask for so that vc it washes the hands elbow arm, it drips water p all side, legal good, at last vc if it lies down there is attending bob sponge in a plasma TV, it only feels the bite of the same needle, and later it is alone to open and to close the hand all moment. That is from there we would be you liberate and ready, this if was not the prattler of the Monica that has that to ask EVERYTHING, discovered until the blood is stored per 55 years, legal n? Here it is that my friend mentions that would like to be marrow giver, soon, seems that lights a red light, had the impression until the form already was ready. CLEARLY that the blessed one of my friend had the shining idea to look at me and to ask if I tmb would not like to be a giver, in the hour I spoke not, I tried to desvencilhar itself, but from there the nurses look at pra vc with akela expensive of cat of boots, and allege that bl is super difficult to find giver bl, obvious that they only explain in the end that vc must be interned in the hospital and receive anesthesia general, clearly appeal that it that vc can save a life are well convincing. then I signed the paper ….. now only remains me to kill the Monica, ahhh detail imagines will be for alphabetical order …… that hatred! In the ending we take a JUICE and one bolachinha Ahhhhhhh that I want to leave clearly that thing is not rapidinho none, delay at least 1 hour, but taking off the marrow, was good …….