On The Reform In The Russian Army

It has long been festering for reform that began in the Russian army, but these reforms were accompanied by a number of bugs, so believes the military, Russian experts. At the meeting, so the title of 'round table, which was dedicated to the reforms and Problems in the Russian army, a member of Center for International Security Institute for International Relations and World Economy, ras – Vladimir Dvorkin, said: "It was a long time ago to start military reform. Already a lost a lot of time. But the main flaw is ongoing reforms in the technologies of performance and specific steps have already been made. "Financial support for military reform is still not there. It is well known for According to the representative of the Duma committee on military defense Viktor Zavarzin, which still has no well-developed plan for the financial reform of the military. But according to that same Zavarzin, the entire committee supported him and his funding proposal for military reform. But there were words that do not know from where to take funds for such large-scale transformation, because in the national treasury is not intended for this money.

Dismissal or credited to the reserve. In the next 3 years in the military reform will be dismissed or brought in more than 160,000 reserve officers. Approximately 27,000 were fired towards the upper age limit before the end of 2008, more than 60,000 who have seniority more than 20 years, will retire, and about another 60,000 – with the right to housing, but without the right to retire.