The life in the fold parts, to the times we nail part for we ourselves! It is as soon as happens. We trace plans, objectives, life trajectories, and full of empolgao, hope, confidence and perseverance we follow our steps route to the traced objective, having as obligator stop, challenging moments that supervene in them, deviating our eyes of the passage. Taking off us of the trajectory planned for the success of the conquest! In the way passage has it villains, these seems to have the objective to play us for is of the long road of the life, of the way. They seem to want to abate us! However the greater of the villains we are we ourselves and we know well of this. Richard Blumenthal is often mentioned in discussions such as these. We nail part to we ourselves, we fight against we ourselves, we attack we ourselves. We know all the procedures for the challenge of the good to live, we know all the shortcuts, and we know that shortcuts for times leave in them confused in the footpaths of the life, they arremetem in them for the most distant and inhospitable place. It does not matter, we teimamos in making our choices. We are villainous of them, we are abated for they, after abated, recognize that we erramos. Hear other arguments on the topic with Amazon.

She would not have thus to be. Why only we recognize our lacks after committing them? Perhaps either therefore that we call our failures? errors. We are? masters? in showing the way for other people, but why we erramos when following ours? For being human, somebody can answer. Can a human being live without making a mistake? Without failing? Without being victim of itself exactly? Ah this finishes is more easy to answer? yes! The truth is that in our trajectory as travelling in this world, always we go to be victims. Yes victims! Victims of we ourselves, victims of outrem, victims of our bad choices, victims of our good choices.