Many infomercials have been responsible for promoting products that promise to reduce certain parts of the body with false testimony of sculptural models that undoubtedly receive a good check for This defamation. 2. The reduction in one part of the body is a myth but a single part of the body reducing is a myth. Think about this you know someone with a flat stomach and arms full of fat? I think that not. If specific parts reduction possible, then without doubt one of these clients would have toned and flattened his stomach while his arms are still flabby. Another myth which has led to women astray is the belief that doing cardio is the best solution for fat loss. Many manufacturers of exercises machines have sold the virtues of burn fat areas and have led us to believe that exercising us in these machines while we watch videos from Oprah, in a short time, that stomach toned would be ours.

These two myths we have deviated from the path of what really works endurance training. An effective strength training is the best friend of a flat stomach not only for that burn enough calories while you do it, but you keep the metabolism accelerated much once you’re done. A recent study showed that metabolism can be kept high up for 36 hours after the resistance training session. And there is another benefit of strength training when it comes to getting a flat stomach. Little muscle you’ve won raise your resting metabolic rate and will help you burn more fat as long as you are active every day, every day. There you have it, two secrets that are guaranteed to boost your metabolism and give you that flat stomach you’ve been longing for.

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