Origin Of The Words My Universosegun

Origin of the universe was then look, several tv shows, where they tried to understand or explain the origin of the universe, when m started to meditate a bit and try to imagine how serian initially these monstrous transformations, so q began to unite read articles, theories, videos and other material, q m indicate or give me some reference about how it works this giant clock known as universe could begin first summarizing very briefly, some references q m appear very consistent: theory of relativity, energy, gravity, black holes, parallel worlds, magnetism, theory of everything, and several interesting concepts q are very valuable, and ultimately are the bases q help scientists and academics not to try to understand how everything works. Turning to develop my thinking, about how he started it all, you could say q in a principle all the matter in the universe was concentrated at a point of infinite gravity, this would be a, supermassive black hole, by this m mean q has all the mass universe condensed into a single point. I would like to make a stop here, so clarify from my point of view on how a black hole, we say q as well as there are the bodies of mass such as the Earth which have a center or core, you could also say q black holes have a nucleus, but the difference is that in this type of bodies, the kernel, goes infinitely compressing to measure q it will absorb increasingly more and more matter, with this we would be discarding the theory of parallel universes, and clarifying q is the q happens when a black hole, or the absorbed matter is fed, fed the same core, there in the matter c this giant compresses infinitely while this asset. Pursuing this point, with infinite gravity, then q for me is the main cause of the great expansion, here is where gravity takes a fundamental importance at the origin of the universe. If you are not convinced, visit Amazon.