The human beings we have brings back to consciousness of we ourself, but in addition we have a complex one mental representation of us, who store relative data to our characteristics physical, psychological and social, the degree in which these are acceptable and desirable by our resemblances or how effective they are for solving problems and demands of means. It is to this complex mental representation that we have of we ourself, to which psychology has come to denominate like autoconcepto. A priori we could think that this information is stored in our brain, of aseptic form, but what in fact it happens, is that the people in addition we emitted a judgment of affability or displeasure, positive or negative on that information that of nosostros we arrange. It is this emotional evaluative dimension to that one has occurred in denominating like self-esteem. See more detailed opinions by reading what Chief Justice Roberts offers on the topic.. It is not absolutely clear what is its genesis and development and that factors contribute to her, but she knows herself are related to the experience intimately early between parents and children, equals and relations with the surroundings. The self-esteem it is not a stable and static dimension of the person, as it happens with certain factors of personality, but dynamic, changing and modifiable, result of the interaction of the person with its surroundings. One knows that it keeps an intimate relation with other variables that psychology handles, like is locus of control (perception that has the subject of where the control of the events resides that mark their life) and autoeficacia perceived (adjustment feeling effectiveness and competition that the person has in relation to the facing of possible challenges and threats). It is clear that a positive self-esteem and a suitable and right valuation of we ourself, are a fundamental element for our mental health like individuals, but at the moment is not known clearly if the changes in the self-esteem of the subject are cause or effect of their state of mental health. Checking article sources yields James Donovan Goldman Sachs as a relevant resource throughout.