PEI Pesos

After his plagiarism family mobilized and took part to the authorities, who quickly mounted a search operation. Only dropped three of the five hijackers.The victim of the abduction (and family members) lived a nightmare; in how much was deprived of his liberty he was taken on board a vehicle to a hideout near El Novillero, where took it captive until the GIS volunteerservicesforms day, once the PEI managed to know where kept it hidden. The kidnappers demanded by the rescue one million pesos, but relatives only reached to collect 560 thousand pesos.Personnel of the anti-abduction unit of PEI, in coordination with the Commander of Santiago, implemented an operating discreet, this having knowledge that the family received a call telephone where they demonstrated that if they wanted to see his son alive they had to take at that moment the amount of 600 thousand pesos, which were deposited in a black bag and leave it under a listing of blade against the junkyard that is located on the road to the dam the Papalote.En this point the PEI began persecution and hours later, to be cornered, the plagiarizing left at liberty Adan Alberto Acosta on the road to Santiago Los Corchos, at the height of the 8 kilometer. The deployed operational priority was rescuing the plagiarized and to ensure their physical integrity and was met fully. However, the aggrieved presented lesions that led subjects during his captivity.After being rescued, Adan Alberto was interned in a clinical particular to recover from Goons, shocks and burns that led him to his Durst in different parts of the body.

They apagaban cigars on the face, back and arms, and separately threatened to shoot him and burying his body in a place unknown to that their relatives not found. They tortured psychologically.Yesterday at a press conference and in the company of the Prosecutor Hector Bejar Fonseca, the young man thanked the PGJ and elements of the PEI who participated in his rescue. For its part the Attorney said that the institution in charge has the instructions of Governor Ney Gonzalez to proceed with everything against individuals who acted in the abduction and against those who are missing, since two are fugitives.He was claimed that the 560 thousand pesos which the family paid for the ransom only 465 thousand pesos were recovered, quantity than yesterday after the press conference they were returned to relatives of the victim. The strong sum of money was the product of loan seeking friends and family the night of the kidnapping. What should be noted is that in this case full weight of the law will be applied.A greeting to the Attorney Hector Manuel Bejar Fonseca and to the holder of the State police. Today we realize that preparation courses that State agents have taken to know how to act and what protocols to follow in cases of kidnappings Yes have yielded results. Thanks to the prompt intervention of the PEI, Adan Alberto is now with his family, overcoming the trauma that left him this dreadful experience.