Remedios Caseros For Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion is one of the most annoying ailments that appear during the winter that entails different symptoms of allergies and the flu. There are several ways to help relieve a nose stuffy home form, which work very well, in the same way there are home remedies for cough very efficient. If on the other hand, nasal congestion is accompanied by high fever, cough, or bodily pain, you should consider seeing a medical specialist to get to the bottom of the problem. There are several ways to cure a stuffy nose. You can reduce nasal congestion, in first place, reduciciendo the consumption of products with wheat and dairy products, you must increase the consumption of zinc, vitamin C and other nutrients useful for conbatir these symptoms. Keep your head elevated while sleeping, this serves to reduce the accumulation of mucus. It is also important to stay well hydrated, since a good hydration helps you recover more quickly from a cold. Remember to bring with you a handkerchief to keep controlled nasal congestion.

The consumption of hot liquids helps with the stuffy nose and the general malaise that comes with a cold. Also try the soup of chicken, broth of vegetables, tea, Apple juice, or other hot beverages. The heat and steam will begin operation of nose, what can help clear a stuffy nose well heavy. You can also try eating spicy food, which often causes an explosion of mucus. Odors irritants like onion and menthol can also help with stuffy nose. You can try cutting an onion in half and hold it under your nose, or a menthol massage can be done in the nostrils.

Nasal decongestant sprays can also be used, although it should not be used too frequently as well as essential oils. A better choice is a saline spray or a rinse, which can be used as many times as necessary. The steam is another great way to treat nasal congestion. You can be standing in a hot shower or steam bath to get good results. Fill a bowl with hot water and add eucalyptus eucalyptus oil in its defect, orange or peppermint oil if desired. About the Cup cover your face with a towel, inhaling the water vapor. The steam will also be beneficial for your skin. Another option for treating nasal congestion is the neti pot, some home remedies for nasal congestion. A Neti Pot resembles a small teapot, with a long tube that is designed to upload by the nostril. The neti pot is filled with hot water which is poured gently on the nose to water them and loosen mucus. When used correctly, the neti pot pours water until the end through the nasal passages. Original author and source of the article