Russia Lawyer

” Our courts have always enjoyed this article. Forfeit, as a rule, equal to the cost of the product. That is the reality. Compensation for moral damage in Russia, too, rarely exceeds a couple of thousand. Given that the cost of the player was originally a small, 1000 rubles – is not so bad for Russia. For such a large company like AltTelekom, a few thousand rubles, of course – not money. But if each of us consumers, will bring the matter to court, it’s a significant loss. Maybe then they will reflect on the quality of service? The whole story was for me a good life experience, which helped to draw some conclusions. Laws need to know small change, but vital. Russian human nature to hope for “at random”. If I had more knowledge during communication with the sc, I would have avoided many mistakes and would enhance their chances for a successful conclusion trial. Our ignorance is successfully used by unscrupulous sellers. Need to deny them this opportunity. If you want peace – prepare for war. Not to be hoped that even the most trifling matter will be resolved on the spot. You communicate not with the owner of the company, who may be interested to resolve the conflict situation with the consumer, but with contract employees who do not care company image, and which just might be a bad mood that day.

Their claims in writing (certified mail, or in the presence of two witnesses). This will demonstrate the seriousness of your intentions. Claims need to provide the organization, which tries to check. always! Therefore – save your receipts! And the most important conclusion: for representation in court to hire a lawyer. Firstly, because the trial could last for many months. A working person is absolutely impossible to ask for leave each time from work to attend a hearing at which the defendant may not appear. Secondly, it is hard to argue in court for the legal profession. The law is sufficient reservations about which the consumer does not even guesses, and a professional lawyer, surely knows. Third, no matter how bitter it is to realize the judges are not fluent in the laws. This is especially true of magistrates. And if the defendant’s lawyer counters your arguments a reference to any law (Which actually does not matter to your situation, no relation), the judge will take his side because You will have nothing to argue. And, fourthly, the cost for the services of a lawyer you include in his statement of claim and the defendant would be responsible for their pay. This will increase the total amount of the claim.