Sky Diving

Sitting in cafes, outside fun circling snowflakes, and Lenka as always late. – Hi, – bursts into the quiet restaurant is my favorite chubby blonde on the run shooting coat. – Do you imagine peacefully, no one is touching, my girlfriend was riding in depths of public transport. There was no place had to travel standing, shifting from foot to foot, nothing else to do. Then a young man seated next to dance with Lena, decided to show generosity: – Girl sit in my place, you probably have a hard time Lena moment turns into mileyshee creation, languidly waving cilia, smiles and coyly asks: – Why is it hard for me? – Well, you are pregnant – Ham! – Lenka and wails, jostling elbows are not the innocent citizens who sneaks on the other end of the bus. I listened to this very terrible story, povozmuschalas as it should, and thought: rudeness to a female body is not always the rudeness, which is unfounded insults and grubyanstve.

For a woman, any phrase can lead men to scream "Ham!". The young man wanted to do better, but did not realize that not all plump girls are waiting for progeny. Somehow I seriously decided to fight his fear of heights and decided to skydive. Lenka enthusiastically adopted the idea, she herself has repeatedly jump up and down long ago invited me along. Conducted a psychological training consisting in me shrieking "I will not go!" from the door jamb, together, they went.