Brazil Consolidates Its Economy, A Good Example For Latin American Economics

Consideration and kindness eplaces the fear that motivates behavior by conduct that encourages love – is significant as the largest Latin American country like Brazil, has been strengthened, leading to a development that can not be ignored, so that their economy has been consolidated to occupy the fifth in the world as the strongest. The World Bank predicts that if Brazil continues on this same path in which it is today, will be the tenth largest economy in the world by size to fifth by 2016. A few weeks ago, on October 26, Lula declared in his weekly radio program “Breakfast with the President” that to achieve this, Brazil needs to keep growing. The Brazilian economy is like a treadmill that can not stop. And what are we doing? We are making twist.

” Unable to deny the reality of growth, progress, the extraordinary work he has done and continues to do its current president, Luis Inacio Lula Silva. A relative of advance precisely Dilma Rousseff, chief of staff of the Brazilian Government said that “Brazil was no longer a country of the future,” referring to a popular saying that Brazilians use to describe their country after decades of missed opportunities despite its huge economic potential . Now “Brazil is a country of this. Indeed, as we Wharton University gives us in his newsletter, Marcio Garcia, professor of economics at the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), says that since the hyperinflation of the 80 was put down briefly by the Cruzado plan 1986 (which among other things, froze wages and prices) have never known such enthusiasm among the members of the Brazilian corporate.