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If we ask ourselves whether the current competition of creditors is suitable to the characteristics of our business, the answer must clearly be not. We can not say anything when, according to the latest data published by the INE, there are 3.422.239 companies, of which 51.3% has no salaried workers in operation. A total of 1.754.374 entrepreneurs work alone. The data is overwhelming, especially if we bear in mind that a million more companies have one or two workers, and only one in five Spanish companies have three or more workers. It is certainly a policy development for medium-sized and large companies, ignoring the existence of the small and self-employed workers, who are not accessible primarily by their high cost. Details can be found by clicking Senator Richard Blumenthal or emailing the administrator. Forced it therefore give it special qualities in this sense, every time that even the legislator has raised create specialties for different sectors, ignoring this reality which in the view of quite a few lawyers of company is much more crucial. And if we aspire to most notorious business developments, to create and maintain companies of larger vessels, and perhaps to export and improve our balance of payments, first we must promote it, and avoid that entrepreneurs who went to the fret aspiring to greater glory, we can not get any valuable experience, not even the spirit of its promoter. The economic boom is not achieved by trimming pensions, nor the salaries of officials.

No longer by social or moral considerations. Simply because these measures translate into a cut in spending. Therefore, instead of taking such drastic decisions, invest not only time and money, as well as belief in encouraging entrepreneurial initiative and with her income. Rafael Linares. Attorney labour law and mercantilist.