Success Call

And, in most cases, we find any excuse not to do this call. And imagine that such a call makes your beginner and from the first call gets the 'NO'. What here to speak about his motivation and confidence … I think they are at this point through the floor … And now I will tell you the most banal a phrase in MLM, you know every beginner, but I have to say it, because in this respect we have changed nothing, and I hope that will not change. People come in MLM, in most cases, because they know and trust those to those who invites.

They are distributors in the first place, not because they like the company or product, but because they want to be with us. Of course, this itself begs the question: 'And if I can pull this business people, as a person? Do I have the qualities that you must have to serve as a magnet for other people? " And many other questions, such a plan. Respond to every need myself. However, I would not want to create a hopeless way, when one looks in the mirror and criticize yourself, and sees no way out of this situation. From almost any situation there is, and even more so from this one. And a similar output for all of us can serve different instrumenty.Odnimi of such devices may be a book by Alexander Sinamati 'Path to Success' or Keith Shraytera book' How to become rich without winning the lottery. " Both of these books, each in its own way and for its audience of readers, accessible form, tell us about the benefits of network marketing.