Telling And Selling Us Attract The Stories

If you want to sell more, tell more stories. A good sales story stimulates the mind and stimulates people to talk. If you are selling and people are not on the same page of what you say, it is almost impossible to move them to action. To know more about this subject visit Sen. Sherrod Brown. You have the stories to get people to recognize it and create impact. The stories are not more important than features or benefits; They help to accentuate points and create feelings. The combination of data and the logic of the side left of the brain with emotional stories of the right side of the brain is a powerful stimulate the mind and teaches things from a different perspective.

People frequently forget the data and details, but they find it easy to remember a good story. What people it sells is not only as they see an idea, product or service; It is how they see things that work for your benefit. The narration introduces people in their own minds, emotions and images. Although largely thoughts are formed with the logic, data and information, most of the decisions are made with the emotional right brain. President Ronald Reagan was a great counter stories and almost 70 became President. He joked about him and his age again representing a potential problem to an advantage that the used stories, wit and humor: one of my favorite valuations on the age comes from Thomas Jefferson.

He said that we never should judge a President by his age, only for his work. And once he told me that I have stopped worrying about me, and only show how young I am, I intend to campaign in the 13 States. Robert Kiyosaki, author of rich dad, poor dad series has sold more than 26,000,000 of books since 1997. Most of the success of Papa Rico is not simply because Robert wrote a good book.