The Christian

The money in itself, is not the problem. The problem is the Christian to be searching the money, this sample that the Christian has more love to the money and the corporeal property, of what the God. The love and searchs for the financial prosperity is the root of all the species of badly. We see that this covets goes to deviate some of the faith, and will be crossed with many pains. The search for the wrong things takes the Christian if to move away from God. We have that to have in mind what Jesus teaches in them, and not what these preachers speak. Because they speak what the people want to hear, because everybody wants to be well financially. edge.

Therefore these churches operate a true house of pleasures, that of to any the one, either Christian it or not, what it searchs. Jesus said: (Mateus 6:24) – Nobody can serve the two gentlemen; because or it has to hate one and to love the other, or it will be dedicated to one and it will disdain the other. You cannot serve the God and the Mamom. (Mateus 6:25) – I say Therefore you: You do not walk careful how much to your life, for what you have to eat or for what you have to drink; nor how much to your body, for what you have to dress. It is not the life more than what the grocery, and the body more than what the clothes? (Mateus 6:26) – You look at for the birds of the sky, that nor they sow, nor they segam, nor they gather in granaries; your Father feeds celestial them. You do not tend you much more value of what they? (Mateus 6:27) – and which of you will be able, with all its cares, to add cvado to its stature? (Mateus 6:28) – and, how much to clothes, why you walk solcitos? You look at for the irises of the field, as they grow; they do not work nor weave; (Mateus 6:29) – and say I you that not even Salomo, in all its glory, if dressed as any of them.