The Comptroller

To all the above is in addition of DMG visible participation in the festivities on which almost no one has said greater thing. The Comptroller of the Department has promised to severely speak out about this. In regard to the award of the Chance I confess that I find no words to qualify the incident but the Huila integer can perceive the putrid smell that expels the entire contractual process. The case is already being investigated by control bodies, but something that strongly struck me was how, after a very childish discussion which the Governor and the Manager identified each other, not even there was a declaration of invalidity but an acceptance, in the best terms of the resignation of the Manager of the lottery. I do not dare to legally qualify the bidding process, but in any case there will be always in the air one of three questions: If the process is adjusted right by which both go and come between Governor and Manager and as much caution one for criminally denouncing this? If the process is as twisted as the environment was the Governor knew or did behind his back? for which so much cordiality with the Manager to the point agree with him on his resignation and wait patiently until you submit it to accept it? And, finally, who are members of national betting from Colombia and which links they have with the Department? Regarding the package of hiring of the Inderhuila to carry out underwater of the 2008 world we are waiting for the pronouncement of the departmental Comptroller who announced a revision with a magnifying glass of all procurement carried out by the entity, on which there is in the atmosphere quite alarming comments. To conclude with this issue of transparency played the theme of liquors. We all know that December 31 of the year before he won the concession and to date there is no definitions about the monopoly of liquor, much less today 13 months later cleared the previous contract.