The Consumer

Likewise, you can put uncertified sensor of combustible gases in the mine, but only as optional equipment to certified safety equipment. To control processes outside of government control and supervision, can be used a measuring tool without a certificate of type approval of measuring instruments. But in most cases, sensors humidity are used in manufacturing, which is not within the scope of state regulation. Thus, from a formal point of view of consumers may well buy humidity sensors are not listed in the state. register of measuring instruments. Whether or not to, of course, is that the sensor is included in the state. Register, said that the organization accredited by the State complied with the metrological examination of documentation on the sensor and held testing of the device to meet specifications.

This gives the consumer some assurance device, but far from complete. For example, a method of checking a series produced in the country there is no moisture sensors Checks for additional temperature error. But this is a very important metrological parameters. As it is not paradoxical at first glance, the new law by narrowing the scope of state. regulation gave conclusive benefits are not certified instruments measuring the humidity and their manufacturers. The manufacturer can continually improve the basic technical characteristics of the device to narrow the range of use with reduction error. The consumer may at any time to align the device without fear of damage to the verification seal. The law allows for realistically reduce development time and introduction of new devices.