The Messiah

With me in me his body resurrected and is seed that grows as spigot being his eternal soul of God friend. Eternal my word that says it eternal life never nobody removes it, eternal life, with me is infinite! Resurrecting not die forever, whoever believes in me. Testimony of blood sonnet Christ said to his father, you hear me Y Lazaro burial stopped, surprised glances were many, stubborn death, his step rushing it. Christ feels that he dies with his struggles his defeat which is triumph that matures, monuments pyramids shacks such the time derruye and not endures. It is not tears spilled by his friend Gloria and happy triumph, the great memento, resurrection, divine thought. Nothing and nobody destroys such time triumphant defeats his enemy, his shed blood is faithful witness! Feeling of crying by his friend, blood of Christ. The Messiah prophesied sonnet God lives in his splendid Mansion thirsty Christ, she asks him to drink, came out from the father and have again wonderful light light light.

Divine humanity that marries eternity banquet of his being, it celebrates its glory to deserve the Kingdom of heaven is such a thing. When heaven calls soon income Christ Announces Second his return and the visit of the dildo. It will send it with his father and will therefore, spirit of God and mutual love, clarified before the world the Savior! It is admirable his Mansion of light, love at home. The nardo in sonnet women is public woman pretty maiden overflowing in Thanksgiving, driven from a great feeling surrenders to the light, Christ flashes. Sinful woman maid is she and Nard smells his repentance, Senses, soul and all thought the spirituality of Christ bella. And he is thrown at his feet that are divine with dust from all roads, feeling her lovely hair. She washes his feet rather than die cleaning for cleaning of fate, Christ knows very well what is waiting for you! Nardo, woman and repentance, wash Christ! Supreme reality sonnet the idea of God it is not in the universe is matter that ignores its existence, can be in the man and his conscience that discovers and models its presence.