The Objective

It is very important that the child is stimulated to speak and that let us can only offer the correct model of speaks. It is important that the parents are prepared to educate its children, giving the attention and developing its communication with them, with the time the child discovers that it also is a fazedor of sounds and this process it starts to be much stimulant from its social convivncia. As focus of quarrel, this article was developed with the objective to understand the development of the communication in the initial series, where the same it will be presented the academics and professors, socialized by means of round table and to take innumerable knowledge to the researchers, with the attempt to propitiate one better development of language for all the pupils. 2 CONCEPTS OF THE COMMUNICATION The communication is the capacity human being of information, where comes to carry through for diverse forms of if communicating as social environment of each human being, that is, the communication if to give through the language, where comes to approach the language of the child; language of the body and for many other forms to transmit communication. The school comes to bring obtains as the estimulador environment for the children, the projected classroom to stimulate the acquisition of language can be since the common room or until a room with many engravings hung in the walls, posters and others. Much care with the excess of information in the classroom, optimum estimulador environment is that servant for the professor who must promote many moments at which the language is required. To contribute with this acquisition of language with the children they must be questioned and encouraged if to verbally express on a questioned subject or an activity to involve each child in the environment and this she makes with that it if feels capable to make many other activities. .