The Soviet Union

At least (that's one hundred percent), the Soviet people was and is against capitalism. But he was deceived. The capitalists have come to us in country under the slogan, mind: "More democracy, more socialism!". And the first was a liar, Yegor Gaidar, everyone remembers his "socialism with a human face" turned wolfish grin. Why is it so easy and so cheap to buy The Soviet Union? The socialist system, in contrast to the bourgeois, very dependent on the quality of the first person in the state, because it is based on a conscious, scientific basis. Bourgeois state is, in principle, the government does not and the president must also not needed.

They all run by his Majesty's Capital. But under socialism all his majesty fills the mind of man. And if the government is a fool or a traitor, this system is doomed. Require new Lenin or Stalin. False number 7. Soviet products were uncompetitive on the world market.

On the space we say we will not. Here, we still still afloat, of course, thanks to the socialist era. Thatcher is threat from the Soviet Union saw that he had a real opportunity to "drive us from the world markets." And rightly feared. We were able to supplant capitalism with the planet in general and to save billions thereby lives. Because now more than a billion people "thanks to" primitive capitalism starves, like thousands of years ago. That's because – was a possibility. There was, yes splyla. Just razvedesh hands, what with the most primitive deception could destroy this great country. Surprising strength of noodles, ie, the psychological war against the USSR. Exit what? Simple: everything that babbles West on our soul, we must understand exactly the opposite. He praises us – means we do something wrong. Curses – means doing the right thing. In hysterics – means there is very correct. That is, we must draw their own conclusions from the centuries-old relationship with the West. And his talkative and "genius" to know by name. The region in the country, the media, in the Duma – everywhere. The main weapon in modern war with Russia is a frank lie. In the sense of truth, as the VI Lenin, all the guns on our side. That's when we learned or not, or have forgotten one shoot. That's us and hang noodles on the ears.