Tighter Licensing Conditions

Details about this – in the article: "Do not let the taxi tests. In Lviv – Action taxi drivers. " A fool can only carrier-abiding taxpayer. Once again he is alone with him several times greater than the number of competitor-illegal. Moreover, the number of such competitors is growing, spurred by an appetite trading license cards and a waybill structures and the desire to engage a taxi dispatch services in the transportation of more and more willing to try forces in a taxi. The larger machines – the greater the income of taxi services and putevkotorgovtsev. And the inexorable laws of the market – profitability and efficiency of the carrier at the same time tends to zero.

And yet. Law-abiding taxpayer is convinced that our country pays taxes only one who wants it. And those who do not want to – not only can not pay with absolute impunity, but also receives an undeniable argument that what we should do Tighter Licensing Conditions for road transport: a preventive measure, or a desire to complicate the work of entrepreneurs? In the course of its business entities and natural persons entrepreneurs into the right carry out any activities not prohibited by applicable law. It should be noted that the Ukrainian legislation is clearly defined list of activities which require the special permit – a license. For violation of the requirements of Ukrainian legislation provides for administrative and, in some cases, and professional liability. Under Ukrainian law, the company's activities related to road transport (freight, passenger, taxi and domestic) is subject to obtaining a license.